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Help and Hope Center

Last week me and my family donated to the Help and Hope Center in Colorado. We were asked to create birthday bags which are bags with cake mix, frosting, and candles! The birthday bags are given to families who need it to hopefully give them the awesome birthday that they deserve! Me and my family made 10 birthday bags and delivered them. My family and I had a new years resolution to help others this year and this was just our first step!

The Help and Hope center is a food shelter, a thrift store, and they help people pay for their bills when they can't! Me, my brother, and my mom were given a tour though the Help and Hope center here in Castle Rock and we saw how helpful they are to others! If you want to donate you can click on this link. I also added the Help and Hope center to my donation page if you want to donate through there! Here is the link to my donation page. If you do end up donating, you not only have the option to donate money, but you could also donate used clothing that you are not going to use anymore, used toys or stuffed animals that you don't play with anymore, and toiletries and food! I can guarantee that if you donate to them, the money or whatever you are donating will go to a good person who needs it.

Don't hesitate to donate because you'll want to celebrate!

Kids help kids donation link

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